Private Training

Offered to clients that cannot attend traditional classes. Classroom setting is recommended for socialization (this includes becoming accustomed to different environments, people and animals). If your work/school schedule does not allow the consistency of group classes, or if your dog is not good in a classroom setting then private sessions might be beneficial for you and your dog.

All private training will begin with a consultation and introduction on how we train. You will go home with homework assignments before the dog joins us for the second session.

This consultation will also help us work out a schedule of what you want your dog to learn, the dogs motivation, problem solving, and information on how Rocking Paw uses positive reinforcement and reward based training techniques.

Private Session fee:

$300 for 7 sessions. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, but we do schedule you a full hour if there is anything else you wish to discuss or work additionally on.

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