Board and Train

We offer board and train for those owners that do not have the time available to come to group or private classes. When we train your dog we send videos throughout the week on their progression and we like for you to come each week and work with your dog to ensure that you understand everything that we have been practicing.

Accommodations: Your dog will get a 9×9 theme decorated climate controlled kennel suite with doggy door and private patio. They will come out to train up to 5 times a day, but still be allowed the luxury of outside time every 2-3 hours in a stress free enriching environment.

Your Instructors: Experienced trainers that are skillful using LIMA (least intrusive minimally averse). We do not use punishment or intimidation to train. Instead we train your dog creating a relationship/partnership using trust, fun methods, and reinforcement.

Goal: To sharpen foundation skills and/or help owners to train their dog when their busy lives & or schedule make it difficult for class or private training.

Board and Train fee:

$1750 for 14 days.  Please contact us direct for more detailed information

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